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additional all in two [A12] soakers
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Additional AI2 Soakers

these are for people who want to add more all in two soakers for their all in two diapers. soakers can be changed out when wet, and a new soaker snapped into place as long as the diaper is not soiled. this is just for soakers ONLY. the AI2 diaper can be purchased in the all in two diaper section. i will come with one soaker and the option to buy one more additional soaker on that page. should you find that you would like more than two soakers per diaper, this is where you can purchase more of this item.
all in two cloth diapers
Base Price: $20.00

a quick dry all in two [QDAI2] diaper with all the features and quality one can expect from esbaby. Hidden snaps, quick-dry soakers, and a completely customizable diaper. with the QDAI2, you get to build your diaper shell in any print or any PUL color that you want, then get to pick any combination of fabrics for your soakers to best suit your child's needs.