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esbaby cloth pad holders for pad refills
Base Price: $2.00

this is ONLY the pad HOLDER and comes with NO pads to snap into it. this is for people who want to purchase additional pad holders for the cloth pads that have the snap-in refills.
esbaby cloth pad snap-in refills
Base Price: $5.00

a cloth pad to snap into your current pad holder in whatever size you prefer.
esbaby cloth menstrual pads
Base Price: $7.00

esbaby cloth pads wrap around your underwear and have two snap settings so you can adjust the thickness based on your preference. they are lined on the bottom with microfleece, which does not leak or wick. all pads have channels sewn into the tops of them, to pull moisture into the core.
esbaby cloth menstrual pad with pad holder
Base Price: $7.00

esbaby cloth pads WITH pad holders are a great way to use cloth pads without having to change your entire pad. the pad comes with a holder that has snaps on it and a snap-in pad, which snaps into place. when the pad is dirty, simply unsnap it from the pad holder and snap a new, clean pad into place.